Linear Function (Basic Mathematic/Economy)

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Hello guys, welcome back to fahrievka's website, today I want to share for you about Linear Function. (I hope it will be helpful for any students right(?))

OK, let's start.
Linear Function in economy (based on my knowledge), has three (3) applications in its problem. What are they?
1. Consumer Behavior
Linear function comes to be an application for observing consumer behavior, and it also can be demand function too guys.
2. Producer Behavior
Linear function also can be an application to observe producer behavior, and of course it's an opposite from consumer behavior, so it can be a function of supply (supply function).
3. Market Behavior
Linear function in this case is for observing the behavior or action in market. It's also can be an equilibrium. What is that???
Equilibrium is a point where demand function (Fd) and supply function (Fs) are at the same position.
Linear function comes to be an application in case of m…

The Truth Table (Mathematic Logic/Computer Programming)

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OK friends, today I want to share the truth table. This one is for the logical or maybe in mathematic we called it mathematical logics. This one is important in programming or computer programming. I hope you guys understand the table, and If I make mistakes in the table, please write a comment then I will fix it later... Happy studying guys...

P.S: My English is still bad

So this is the table that I've made in Ms. Word, then that is it's picture:

This is just two variables, p and q, if we want to add more variables, so we must add the rows.
How to count the number rows?
2^number of variables:
For examples
There are 3 variables:
p, q, and r.
So, how many number of rows should we make?
The answer is 2^3 = 8 rows. Easy right? This is maybe a pre-elementary school lesson, depends on the country.

So this is the picture, don't forget to write comment if I make mistakes guys:)

Later, I add the picture of 3 variables truth table, so this is the picture…


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OK friends, welcome to my blog:)
I have decided to write again in this blog started from today. Actually, I have so many activities outside this thing. But now, I try to be active again in blogger. OK, I hope you understand me guys.
I will write about my knowledges in campus but in my language style. I know my English is still bad at the grammar haha. But I feel comfort to share my knowledge to you with English Language (I hope you'd like and understand my words though my grammar is still so bad guys).

Well, I hope you guys like my articles that I will write for you about my knowledge which I have learned. I think that's enough for the intro haha.
And I hope you enjoy the exploration in my blog.

That's all for now, see you in next post okay,

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Short Story: Menembus Waktu (Indonesian Literature)

Menembus Waktu
Made by : Fahri Farih Kusuma

Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb.
Welcome to my blog:)
So this is my short story which I wrote for an internal competition in my school (maybe two or one year ago). I hope you enjoy it guys. If you are not able to speak Indonesian, please change the language, OK guys... Happy reading...